Can special baby pillows help prevent head deformation in the sleeping position?

There are several ways to prevent the development of head deformities and to treat existing disorders. First of all, it is advisable to ensure frequent changes in the lying position during sleep or wakefulness. The baby can be placed on its side during active and awake phases and under observation. The prone position, always under the eyes of a watchful observer, is also suitable for avoiding position-related skull deformations because this does not only relieve the back of the head, but also promotes the baby’s overall mobility and strengthens the throat, neck and shoulder muscles.

Manual therapy or a change of the cot can be the first measures to reduce the probability of head deformities during sleep.

If your baby has a so-called “chocolate side” and prefers a certain (lateral) head position, it might also be helpful to change the position of the cot or the arrangement of objects of interest in the room more often so that the baby automatically has to take a different head position in order to see these interesting things. Physiotherapy or other manual therapies such as osteopathy or chiropractic can also be helpful in cases of slight deformities and can, for example, release blockages in the cervical spine.

Only in particularly severe cases do doctors recommend a so-called helmet therapy. The affected infant receives an individually adapted head prosthesis for a few months, which helps the flatter parts of the head to catch up as it grows.

The best thing is not to let it get that far in the first place – and this is done quite simply by placing your child on a special head pad (baby pillow) which protects the baby’s head and provides even pressure relief so that the sensitive baby’s skull can grow without strain – and prevents unattractive deformations during sleep or when lying on your back. Special baby pillows are often recommended here, but their use can also have some disadvantages.

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