The MEDIBINO® Baby Pillow helps maintain your baby’s natural head shape and alleviates existing head deformities.

Why is a babypillow useful? 

Why is a baby pillow useful?
Doctors and midwives have good reason to recommend the supine position for safe baby sleep. After birth, your baby’s head is also very soft and therefore particularly susceptible to head deformation. 
With our Medibino baby head guard, you give your baby the best possible protection in the recommended supine position right from the start. Each month the head becomes more and more stable and the risk of developing a new head deformation decreases continuously. Unfortunately, after about 6 months, deformities that have already developed start to harden and it may take a longer time for them to grow together.
 Our Medibino baby pillow gives your baby the best possible protection right from the moment of birth and helps to preserve the natural round shape of the head. The positioning pillow with a hole leads to an even pressure relief in the recommended supine position and thus protects the baby’s head so that it retains its natural and round shape and is protected in the best possible way against head deformations of various types (such as “flat head”, crooked head, “flat head”).
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Early prophylaxis

The baby’s head is still very soft at birth so that the little head fits through the birth canal. As a result, the head is sensitive to deformities in the first months of life. In the beginning, babies sleep up to 20 hours a day and spend a large amount of time in the supine position if they are not in a baby sling or in their parents’ arms.

Right from birth, we can actively prevent head deformities (e.g. “crooked” head) or flattening of the baby’s head (e.g. “flat” back of the head) through various measures. A good prophylaxis is, for example, frequently carrying the baby in a sling. Supporting mobility and offering stimuli from alternate sides as well as the supervised tummy position also help. A baby pillow with a pressure-relieving effect should be used for the supine position phases.

The Medibino® baby head guard is particularly suitable for this purpose, as its special ergonomic shape can prevent head deformation in the best possible way. 
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Head deformation

Positional head deformities are very common in babies and toddlers nowadays due to the recommendation of the supine position for safe baby sleep. The most common forms are the so-called plagiocephaly and brachycephaly. Plagiocephaly ( also known as “crooked” head) is an asymmetrical shift in the shape of the head; whereas brachycephaly (often called “flat head”) is characterized by a flattened back of the head. These head deformities can have different shapes and the reasons for their development are also diverse.

The MEDIBINO® babypillow – flexible, safe, soft

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Thanks to the Medibino, babies can now be placed in the recommended supine position without the soft head “lying flat”. Our positioning pillow ensures stress-free growth of the baby’s head from birth during the first weeks of life and minimizes the risk of developing a flat or crooked head:

– Ideal, flexible fit (ring shape “with hole”).
– Adapts to the baby’s head due to size adjustment
– Perfect for on the go due to its “small” size in baby seat and stroller
– Made in Germany from high-quality, skin-friendly materials
– Easy to use ” lay in ” the baby’s head
– Ergonomic, functional design with changeable and washable pillowcase
– Only one size for the entire period of use – no need to re-purchase & no need to refill with filling material
– Tested by midwives and parents and rated “very good”

Patented medical device

The Medibino is a patented medical device and was developed according to the latest scientific standards by our founder, Dr. Dr. Susanne Kluba. She is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and has worked for many years at the University Hospital in Tübingen with affected children. Thanks to her work and the close exchange with parents, she has developed the Medibino step by step to provide families with a simple and effective prophylaxis against head deformities.

Dr. Dr. Susanne Kluba
Founder and invetor